Dumb Things People Say: Anyone But Louisville

Monday, April 06, 2009

"I wish we were playing anyone but Louisville," Auriemma said. "Anyone, I don't care who. The last team you want to play is a team you beat the way we beat them the two times we beat them, especially the last time we played them." [ESPN]

There's coach speak and not disrespecting the other team and than there's spitting out complete bullshit. You've played them twice and beat them by a combined 67 points in two games. You played them in the Big East Championship game, obviously a game with plenty of meaning for college kids, and you beat them 75-36. I repeat 75 to 36. You thoroughly embarrassed them. You are clearly twice the basketball team than them.

In reality Geno's thinking, we're going to need to play like absolute dog shit to lose to this team. I'm now 48 hours away from holding up the title again and having a number 1 season. This is awesome that we get to play a team I absolutely positively no has little to no chance to beat us. This is pretty awesome.

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