Nick Swisher is Not Scott Brosius

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Nick Swisher is the 2009 version of the 1998 version of Scott Brosius. Didn't you know that? I'm not sure what the hell sparked this, maybe the moronic Michael Kay who was the first person I heard utter this comparison, but now I'm hearing it left and right. Maybe Nick Swisher can be Scott Brosius. Why are they comparing them? Because they both hit in the low .200s the season before joing in the Bronx bombers. Other than that, the comparison ends.

1. They play completely different positions.
2. Swisher's highest batting in a single year was .262, he's never been built on a high average. Meanwhile, Brosius hit .300 in 1996.
3. Swisher is a walk machine, with a peak in 2007 when he had 100 walks. Brosius never topped 60.
4. Swisher is also built on power hitting 20+ home runs in every season of his career. Brosius hit 20 home runs once.
5. Swisher is 28 this year, Brosius was 31 in his first year in the Bronx.

So other than the shitty average, the fact that both played in Oakland and that both are white, they have nothing in common. But that's ok they both hit .200 so Swisher is obviously the next Brosius.

Must everything be the next something?

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