2009 Masters Preview

Wednesday, April 08, 2009

By far my favorite golf tourny of the year. The course is cool, the tradition is phenomenal, I love the quirky way they decide the field and the best players in the World always contend and more often than not you will get a Tiger, VJ, or Phil taking it home instead of a Justin Leonard, Rich Beem, Todd Hamilton, type. Which is much more entertaining.

4 People to Watch to Contend

Obvious is Obvious- Tigger Woo - The obvious pick is Tigger Woo. He's back. He's proven he can win since he's been back. Nobody is better than him. He won his last major on one leg. He came in 2nd at Augusta last year. Everything screams Tigger. Accept my desire to not go straight chalk.

Secondary - Sergio Garcia - He's not gonna win and really he's been horrible at Augusta the past four years. This is kind of just an excuse to mention that fact that if you buy a Taylor Made Driver today and Sergio wins the Master's you get it for free. FREE! What a deal! Except for the fact that you're going to have to pay for it.

The CRAZY PANTS - Ian Poulter - It's just him and Tiger Woods remember? Well not quite yet for Ian and his crazy quote but he is a solid player and he leads the tour in awesome pants. If he isn't in contention on Sunday for the tournament he will be in contention for the best 4 day wardrobe.

Darkhorse - Nick Watney - A man you've obviously never heard of is 8 for 8 in cuts this year. Has a win under his belt. And he finished 11th in his first start at the Masters last year. That's a nice formula.

3 People Who Might Surpisingly Miss the Cut

The Irish - Padraig Harrington - Paddy this season has been mostly poop. He's coming off back to back top 10 finishes at Augusta though and has won the last two majors played. If Paddy continues his recent play than he'll be flirting with the cut line. If he regains his 2008 form, he'll be in it on Sunday.

The Titties - Phil Mickelson - The Titties missed the cut last weekend. The Titties couldn't get it done in the absence of Tigger last year, so why would Titties get it done this weekend. The chances of him missing the cut at Augusta are very very very slim though considering in the past five years he's one twice, finished 5th, 10th and 24th. That's all well within the cut line.

The Dick - Rory Sabbatini - I've pretty much forgotten why he pissed me off a long time ago, but I know I don't like him for some reason. I believe he did some stupid shit talking of Tigger. Plus, he wore that horrendous skull belt buckle. Anyway, he'll miss the cut cause he's a douche.

2 People to Root For this Weekend

The Great Hat - Shingo Katayama - Usually in the Master's I throw up an amateur to pull for. This tournament screw it, I'm rooting for Shingo and his magical hat of glory. I mean how can you not root for the hat of glory. It's so curvy and majestic. It exemplifies the great qualities of team asia. He wears a nice necklace to match and often wears white pants to boot. If you decide to chant Let's Go Shingo on the course, you even have a solid rhyme scheme. All in all there really is no reason not to pull for the man.

The Old Guys - Gary, Watson, the Walrus and others - The Master's is partly so great because once you win it you can play it for forever, even if you're so old that you're almost as bad at golf as I am. It's awesome. Some of these guys have absolutely no chance to get it done, but sometimes an old vet like Watson can surprise. And when that old man does surprise and outplay some 28 year old in his pairing it's always hilarious.

1 Winner

Geoff Ogilvy - Why the Aussie? Well not because of his mediocre track record at Augusta that's for sure. Three starts no top 15 finishes. So Why? Well he's big time that's why. He's won a major. He took down the match play champhionship this year. He's made every cut this season. He's just solid all around. So hand the man a Green Jacket to Go with His Helmet.

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This is one of the best Masters fields in recent memory. There are so many story lines and with Tiger coming off his first victory of the year, it could be another classic. Personally I hope Ernie Els wins his first Masters, he’s one of the best golfers who hasn’t worn the green jacket. I made a list on my site of who I think is the favorite to win this year: http://www.toptentopten.com/topten/2009+masters+favorites. You can vote which changes the rank of each golfer, and if you don’t agree with my picks you can add your own.

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After returning from China for two weeks, I'm throwing in my vote for the magical asian with the magical hat.


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