Back From Vacation Quick Notes

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~The Vacation was much needed. Much Much Needed.

The Masters

~The Masters looked like it was awesome but I saw limited of it. I was rarely in my cabin on sunday but even when I was the DirectTV wasn't picking up the local channels and thus not picking up CBS's coverage.

~Angel Cabrera was not even on my radar for Masters contention. Not on the radar, which makes it three years in a row.

~Tiger and Phil looked like the made the opening 9 of Sunday a lot of fun.

~Kenny Perry choked and his press conference just seemed like "Aww shucks I'm southern, it's not that bad." Maybe that aww shucks is why you didn't win.

~Shingo played pretty damn well. It would have been cool to see the Green Jacket and Hat combo.

~Whiner Sergio bitched again, which is making him more difficult to pull for.

~My predictions were... eh.


~The whole Nick Adenhart saga was depressing and sad and tragic.

~I will truly miss Harry Kalas fantastic voice.

~In oddities, while I was driving back to Lexington on monday afternoon my girlfriend was playing around with wikipedia and she looked up her hometown, Northborough Mass, and rattled off the famous people from there. One of those famous people? Mark the Bird Fydrich. We get home and on the bottom line, he's dead.

~The Red Sox are STRUGGLING.

~Pedroia bashing his hometown is hilarious.

~Chris Carpenter is headed back to the DL. SHIT.

~Wang might as well go back on the DL if he's going to pitch like he has the past two games.


~Yay the regular season ends today. Finally. There are actually meaningful games for seeding purposes tonight but alas, I don't really care.

~In more important NBA news, the White Warriors are going to lose in the championship game.

~Isiah Thomas to Florida International is weird very weird, but I guess it makes sense. Florida International is looking to get in the news, and Isiah Thomas has no other options.


~The Chelsea Liverpool match yesterday was phenomenal. If you ever contemplated getting into soccer yesterdays Champions League Quarterfinal match would have been a great starting point.

~Ya that's probably good enough. This weekend was basically about the Masters, everything else was just a footnote.

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