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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

"John" who I'm guessing is "John the Terrorist from Boston" requested my thoughts on the impending doom of the Yankee season that erupted on opening day. So here goes.

~My reaction to the Yankee game is this, Sabathia sucked. This isn't that shocking but is annoying and hopefully isn't a testament to his being the ARod of pitchers. What I mean is this, Sabathia has shown tendencies in the past to let his nerves get the best of him. Think his last few playoff outings and his mixed bag debut for the Brewers last year. In addition his April last year was miserable. Beyond miserable. But he hasn't pitched like crap all April yet. When he does there will be more panic, but I'm not willing to panic over one day.

~If anything I'm almost more pissed off that not only did he pitch like shit and lose the game but he also didn't strike out a single batter. What a shitty fantasy outing for my team. If you're gonna get rocked at least strike some people out.

~On Teixeira going 0 for 4, who cares times 10.

~On Teixeira getting booed with vigor, I say Awesome. I love inspired hatred and fans with signs saying his hometown hates him is quality. Problem is, what free agent signs with the Oreo's?

~On the Johnny Damon interference no-call, I say Karma. Sure it was obvious that Damon's glove was still in fair territory when he was interfered with and the umpire was dead wrong, but it's opening day. The Oreo's could get 100 of these favorable calls in the regular season and it still wouldn't make up for Jeffrey Maier.

~So ya, no undefeated season. Shit.

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Wrong John, but good post just wondering where you were on the whole thing. Good luck in Fantasy Basketball this week. We should have a competitive ending

John said...
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