Will Greg Paulus Be the Next Michigan QB?

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So I've been out of the loop for a few days having been on vacation (quick notes will follow soon) and this morning I turn on the radio and here, "Greg Paulus traveled to Ann Arbor, watched a Wolverines practice and is contemplating transferring there and competing for their starting quarterback position." This sparks the, "Ahhhhhhhhhh no fucking way, ahhhhhhh, I'm in hell, ahhhhhhhhh, Greg Paulus? Ahhhhhhhhh", reaction.

My hatred towards Greg Paulus is well chronicled on this here site. I inducted him to the Hall of the Overhyped. I celebrated many Duke losses, here, here and here. He even won a Waste of Oxygen Award. Anytime the words Greg Paulus have been uttered by or around me, hate has spewed from my lips and now there is the potential that he might quarterback the Wolverines. Seriously? I understand he was once a top rated high school quarterback, but seriously? Greg Paulus? I couldn't have possibly ever contemplated rooting for the kid and now I just might have to?


I think Peyton Manning in that photo agrees with me, you do not want Greg Paulus as your starting quarterback.

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