Brett Is the Story That Never Ends, Yes It Goes On and On My Friend

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Just when you thought that it was all done there would be no more rumors about Brett's return to the NFL the Jets go and throw this in your face. Brett Favre is released, he is a free agent, free to sign anywhere on the planet, [cough] Minnesota [cough].

Over the weekend it was pretty evident that the Jets had moved on. When they traded up for Mark Sanchez in the first round it was entirely certain that even if Brett wanted to quarterback the Jets next season that it wouldn't have happenned. And since the Jets still owned his rights as a football player than if he wasn't going to play for the Jets he wasn't going to play period. It was a certainty. And Now? Not so much.

Apparently Favre had asked the Jets for his release a long time ago and the Jets just finally got around to granting him it this week. This begs the question, "If you're a retired football player with no intention of ever coming back to play again, why the hell do you need to be a free agent?" The answers are one of two options, either he is still potentially open to playing again or he wants to retire as a Packer and not a Jet so he does one of those stupid one day contract bullshit with the Packers and holds qa big press conference in Green Bay. Option two could really be his reasoning but it certainly won't stop ESPN or other talking heads to speculate until it happens, which means MORE BRETT FAVRE! Yay, Arm Punts for Everyone.

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