The Jets Trade Rumors Be a Swirling

Thursday, April 23, 2009

So the draft is two days away and not the Jets trade winds are starting to swirl up up and away. And they all have to do with either a quarterback or a wideout. Apparently the Jets are in the Browns marketplace and are contemplating trading around for Hero of the Homosexuals Brady Quinn and/or Braylon Edwards. Those could happen, Mangini does hate quarterbacks, receivers and offense in general. Good ole Sal Palontonio thinks that the Jets may be in the Jason Campbell sweepstakes especially if the Redskins do their typical nonsensical insanity and trade up for Mark 'Dirty' Sanchez. Oh and the Jets are of course in the sweepstakes for 'Dirty' Sanchez themselves. Trades trades trades trades, YAY trade rumors.

So what do we expect the Jets to do? Pick someone to add to this video of course. It already needs to be updated with Vernon Gholston why not just add another name to the list.

And why trade up for a quarterback when Brett Favre is obviously just gonna come out of retirement in August to lob arm punts throughout the season.

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