The Yankees Think It's Time to Fix the Glitch

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

After just one home stand the Yankees have decided it's time to fix the glitch and are restructuring their prices for premium seats. They have cut the prices of behind the plate seats from a way to damn expensive $2,500 a game to a way too damn expensive $1,250 a game. Most notably to me they have cut the prices of the empty seats in the above photo and the two sections next to it from a mind blowing $1000 a game to a mind blowing $650 dollars a game. So, they've admitted defeat just three weeks into the season.

Also, to not piss off the filthy rich customers who already paid the ludicrous previous prices, the Yankees are giving them extra tickets in the premium seats, because well they have plenty of them to spare. So they have laid out a dozen or so bullet points of if you bought this than you'll get that. I won't bore you with the details, cause it's not going to affect your life cause anyone who reads this blog isn't dropping $850 on a seat.

To me, a 26 year old who isn't getting a raise anytime soon during his companies current year long salary freeze, these tickets are still 1/2 a paycheck and ludicrous. But perhaps people out there are willing to drop $650 dollars for a game but not $1000? I certainly hope so because I would prefer the stadium to stop embarrassing itself. It'd be nice to have a sold out brand new ball park.

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I would also suggest they start to win. Just throwing that one out there.

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