The New York Jets Now Have a Quarterback

Monday, April 27, 2009

The Jets showed balls, the wanted one man and they went out and got him. They believe he's going to be the franchise quarterback. They believe he's the quarterback to lead them in the future. So they went out gave up two picks and three players to get one guy. Mark Sanchez is now Gang Green.

As a franchise they are extremely excited, the future is now. As a fan my expectations are tempered. Do any of us know what Mark Sanchez is going to be? He's only played one season in college and first round quarterbacks aren't necessarily automatic. The potential is there, the franchise loves him, but in reality he's still a wildcard. We still have no idea what the future holds. Are the Jets any better today than they were 3 days ago? None of us really have any idea.

Additionally, the've now as a franchise fully admitted that Kellen Clemens is a sunk cost. In 2006 they utilized their 2nd round pick on the quarterback from Oregon and through 3 seasons he's never gotten a legitimate shot to prove he could play the position in the NFL. In all likelihood Sanchez is given every opportunity to beat out Clemens in the preseason and if somehow Clemens wins the job and plays well, then the Jets will have a Derek Anderson / Brady Quinn shit show on their hands. It could get ugly. In all honesty I was hoping that yesterday the Jets just dump Clemens for a 6th round pick so that the franchise admitted this was Sanchez's team.

Finally, my expectations are tempered because they still have no wide receivers to make a big play. Cotchery and Keller will be a solid over the middle combination but the Jets are lining up to be the Ravens in the Big Apple and that doesn't excite me. Perhaps over the next few months they will land a big time wideout, but right now defenses are going to pack the box, double no one, and bring heat on whichever inexperienced QB takes snaps. It could get ugly.

In the end I can't say I'm thrilled or annoyed with the deal. Sanchez could be a perennial pro bowl quarterback but he also could be a mediocre pro. Only time will tell.

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