2009 NBA Playoff Bracket Predictions

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Everything just seems like a formality with KG now apparently on the shelf for good. The Cavs are unbeatable at home and certainly won't lose to the Celtics without KG nor the Magic without Nelson. Meanwhile, the West is a jumble from seed 2-8, but the Lakers are vastly superior those seven squads. To me the first three rounds of the playoffs is a mere formality to the Kobe vs. Lebron showdown which I think Kobe will win thanks to a superior supporting cast.

Anyway I created a Bracket Challenge Group on NBA.com which you can join here. The name of the group is "1 month til LBJ Kobe".

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Why the hell are there already 50 people in your group?

ZAM said...
2:52 PM  

Made it public... I guess that was the issue. People probably just searched up the word Kobe or LBJ.

Simon said...
2:57 PM  
Anonymous said...
1:19 AM  

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