Promoting the NHL The Genius Way

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Speaking of Hockey, How the hell do you have two game sevens and the one network that shows hockey games doesn't show either? How exactly is that promoting the game at all?

I was able to watch parts of the Rangers game because I get MSG but couldn't find the Devils game anywhere despite desperately wanting to watch its closing minutes. I get Versus, I get the NHL Network, the god damn NHL Network and I couldn't find the game. Apparently, the game was on MSG+, which I "get" but was showing a black screen. Maybe I'm the moron but neither of these games were on Nationally right? You have a game 7 featuring the best hockey player in the world and a game 7 featuring one of the most startling and quick comebacks in NHL history and neither could be watched by anybody but New Yorkers and New Jerseyites.

Don't let people watch the best games of your season. Now that's just a plain stupid way to promote your league.

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