No Jay Cutler for Me

Friday, April 03, 2009

A couple of weeks ago I threw Jay Cutler on My Jets Wish List. Today I'm happy to say the Jets did not give up a Kings Ransom to sign him. I mentioned in the post that there was a certain price tag I'd be willing to give up, and well the Bears shot way way way past that.

Here's the thing, it's great to have a solid Quarterback with an arm and talent. I'd love to have that. But at some point you need players for him to throw the ball to. The Bears don't have that and won't be that much better next season. The Jets don't have that either and had they given up two first rounders and a third rounder, they would have no opportunity to bring one in. Cutler would be throwing the same dump off passes that Favre and Pennington were throwing in the past few seasons. Would bringing in a stud QB and forcing him to do the same things really make much sense?

Additionally it's coming out that the Broncos did not want Cutler in the AFC and weren't returning the Jets phone calls. Apparently this is a big time theme in Denver.

All in all, it looks like the Jets are going to go the Kellen Clemens route. It's going to be a risky route, but at least they'll have the opportunity to bring in a few weapons and give the former 2nd rounder a chance to succeed.

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