Thanks Michigan St. For Wasting My Time

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

~Well that sucked and probably doesn't even deserve it's own post so it shall be a lighting, lightning quick version of quick notes.

~Was that the worst championship game you've ever watched? At least in my memory yes. I don't remember the UNLV Duke game, so maybe that was worse, but at 33-11 this game was over.

~What the hell was Tom Izzo doing? Does he know you can use a timeout in the opening minutes when your team is getting run out of the building? You have a handful of them, you can could have called four timeouts in the first few minutes to try to get your team to stop playing like douche.

~What the hell was Michigan St. doing? Any casual fan could have told you Michigan St. running with North Carolina would be a miserable idea. Yet, that was seemingly the gameplan at the start of the game. Play UNC's tempo, try to push the ball and get open looks. It just resulted in UNC scoring more and more and more points.

~UNC was actually playing defense for the first 10 minutes of the game. That was pretty much the only defense they needed to play.

~Does UNC have an invisible defensive magnetic force around the three point arc pushing the ball in the wrong direction? Michigan St. couldn't buy a three either, just like Nova on Saturday.

~No Hansbrough crying was very disappointing.

~Clark Kellogg is so bad its ridiculous. Please Please Please put Raftery on the #1 crew for gods sake.

~Ya I'm done talking about that shit.

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