Final Four Quick Notes

Monday, April 06, 2009

~Michigan St. really wanted a piece of Thabeet's 3rd leg.

~Throughout the season UConn has been the one top ranked team that had almost no reliance on the three point shot. That comes with its positives and its negatives. Winning a bunch of games without relying on your jump shooting means that you're likely a dominant low post team and you have superior athletes to your opponents. The negatives are you can't space the floor effectively because your shooters are not respected and finally and on saturday most importantly when you get behind a lot needs to go your way if you can't get 3 points on a possession instead of 2.

~Sometimes it looks like UConn doesn't bother practicing offense or free throws.

~With all of their problems UConn still cut the deficit to 3 on Stanley massive follow up dunk only to be zapped back to 6 when Kemba got burnt on the press and furthered the damage by giving a soft and 1 foul.


~I came up with this theory during the end of the UConn game and you can banter against me or agree with me and I might further elaborate it an its own post, ok so the theory is if you mixed UConn and Duke's players you could effectively make two superior teams to the current UConn and Duke squads. Why? Well the teams are heavily focused in the others weakness. Duke is built on the three point shot. Singler and Scheyer are the annoying Duke jump shooters you've grown to hate. Now they're adding Seth Curry to the mix as well. Meanwhile UConn is built on athletes with an attitude, toughness, physicality and perhaps a little bit too much swagger, think Adrien and Stanley Robinson. Duke got abused by Nova because their athletes simply didn't match up with the Cunningham's, Reddings, and Reynold's of the world. Meanwhile UConn lost to Michigan St. because they have zero ability to spread the floor, run miserable offensive sets, and are entirely reliant on wild drives from Price & Kemba to the paint or the not so great post moves of Thabeet. If you traded Scheyer and Singler for either Adrien or Robinson, I truly think both teams are instantly better.

~The Bar I was at with a heavy UConn crowd, was playing Jock Jams like tunes during the commercial breaks for about the first 37 minutes of the game. Then when UConn was down by like 10ish in the final few minutes and it went to commercial they played Live Lightning Crashes, a song about a woman dying during child birth. Yay Depression. It was quite humurous.

~With that being said, UConn desperately needs to find someone to hit outside shots in future recruiting classes. They've always had someone to make big buckets in the past, this team didn't and that's why they won't play UNC tonight.

~For a brief moment it looked like Villanova had a chance. They cut the lead to 4. It looked like Hansbrough tears could have potential. And then within a blink of an eye UNC was back up by double digits and the game was as good as dead thanks to Nova's miserable three point shooting. Absolutely brutal. It's not even like the majority of the threes were contested. They had open looks, couldn't knock them down, meanwhile Danny Green was deadly and UNC is the odds on favorite for another National Title.

~I think every minute I watch Hansbrough I like him less. He whines and whines over every call. And he just looks stupid all the time. Whether it be sitting on the bench with his mouth open or looking mentally challenged during his press conference, the man does not look bright.

~Why does this game start at 9:20? I guess I shouldn't complain, I get out of class at 9ish so this gives me the opportunity to actually watch the game. It always sucked back during the Fab Five days when I had to tape the game and watch it the next day cause I was 8.

~Would you rather watch the game tonight or a 1 on 1 matchup between Michael and Magic? Remember that was the final matchup in my 1 on 1 tournament.

~UNC has too many scorers to be denied tonight. It's unfortunate, I know you want to see Hansbrough cry as well. You'll see tears of joy which are just annoying, not delicious.

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