2009 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: Final Four

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ESPN is letting you fill out 10 brackets again so while we contemplate our actual bracket, we decided to yet again fill out a bracket based on theoretical 1 on 1 matchups. Unlike last years bracket, we decided to amp it up and go with historical players.

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Final Four

Magic Johnson (Michigan St.) over Dwyane Wade (Marquette), Magic's got too much size to hold down Wade who while holding the edge in quickness likely wouldn't be able to get to the rack with complete ease.

Michael Jordan (North Carolina) over Lew Alcindor (UCLA), my biggest question would be how can Alcindor get the ball into paint. I don't know if he could back down MJ, considering he's was never very thick. And I don't know he could be able to dribble around the court without having MJ steal it from him. For this main reason, I'm giving it to MJ. Obviously if Alcindor could just get the ball in the post every single possession it would be nearly impossible for MJ to stop him given the height advantage. I just don't see how Lew gets the ball there.


Michael Jordan (North Carolina) over Magic Johnson (Michigan St.), MJ is just a superior and taller version of Wade which would get it done against Magic. Magic could try to back him down, but MJ should be quick enough and enough of a superior athlete to get the ball to the rack.

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