Dumb Ways to Fill Out Your Bracket That Just Might Work: Pick Whoever Has More Wins

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

In the quest to figure out how exactly to select 10 different brackets on ESPN.com, I decided to come up with a few brackets that were based on principals. The bracket above works on one principal. Simply pick the team with more wins. Yes it's obviously one of the dumbest brackets you could possibly fill out, but in the end I actually like it. You get a few lengthy runs to the sweet 16 by double digit seeds like Cleveland St., North Dakota St., and Utah St. You get a terribly chalky Elite 8 and Final 4. But then you get Memphis, not exactly a big time favorite, winning it all. It's got that balance between ballsy early upset picks, sensible final four picks, and edgy winner pick. It's actually not a bad bracket.

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