Stupid Ways to Set Up a Bracket: Round Multiplied By Seed

Friday, March 20, 2009

If you can't fully see that bracket above, I recommend clicking on it, it really is the dumbest bracket ever created and sums up where this post is heading.

Come thursday morning I decided to go fuck and join a pool. My buddy Grutt was in one at work and had asked me if I wanted in earlier in the week so I responded and got in. I filled out my chalktastic bracket that I showed the other day and as of this moment I sit at 19-2. The problem is that I didn't know the scoring method going until around 3 o'clock.

So whats the scoring method and why is it such a big deal. The point system is essentially Seed Multiplied by the Round with which they win in. So picking Arizona (12 seed) in the first round is worth 12 points. Picking UConn to win in the Elite 8 (round 4) is worth 4 points. Picking Akron to win in the 2nd round is worth 30 points. And so on. In the email, that I clearly only glossed at, it said the scoring system "rewards good picks". False. It convinces you to make stupid picks, like the jackasses bracket above.

In looking at the brackets between myself and the leader, I've currently made one less correct pick then him. We only have a total of 5 different picks remaining. See if you can find a trend.

Round 2
18 point swing: Washington (8 for him), Purdue (10 for me)
18 point swing: Xavier (8 for him), Florida St. (10 for me)

Round 1
17 point swing: Arizona (12 for him), Utah (5 for me)

Elite 8
12 point swing: Uconn (4 for him), Memphis (8 for me)

National Championship Game
12 point swing: Louisville (6 for him), Pitt (6 for me)

The weight is all in the front. Basically if I get Purdue and FSU right its worth double him getting Louisville and Uconn right. How does that make any sense whatsoever. Is picking Florida State to beat Xavier a harder pick than picking Pitt to navigate the entire field and win the National Title? Absolutely not.

If you ever set up a bracket, don't use the above scoring method, unless of course you want moronic brackets filled out.

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