2009 Fantasy Baseball Rankings Definitions

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Today I'm going to come out with rankings for all position players. Each position will include a spreadsheet with three tabs. Let me explain how it all works.

First of all, all the stats utilized in the spreadsheets are projections from CBS Sportsline. They were easy to grab and more close to expectations than the CHONE projections which are fantastically low for anybody that's missed significant time over the past few years. Plus, chone had Eric Young stealing 40 bases and being one of the most valuable 2nd baseman in fantasy baseball, and well I don't know if he's even making the roster. Secondly the rankings are for Roto 5*5, but my leagues rules. So, the difference is my league has hits not average and innings pitched not WHIP. Don't think that makes a big difference? It does, especially hits -> average. Ok onto the explanation. The base goals are also set to the category leaders in my league last year, so for instance the winner of my home run category had 300 so that's the goal to maintain for this season. Finally the roster sizes and divisors are all set to my roster size, so 2 per infield position, 5 outfielders, 7 starters, 3 relievers, all starting.

Stat %: The Stat % represents what percentage of your overall team stats a player accounts for. So say a player is likely to hit 30 home runs and your goal is 300. Than that is 10% of your desired home run totals. If he is going to get 0 steals in the process than that is 0% of your steal total. The Stat % takes all those percentages into consideration and averages them out.

+ %: The goal of +% is to show exactly how much slack a player gives you in a particular category to play with for the rest of the draft. So for instance, Ryan Howard is projected to hit 46 home runs. His 46 home runs is worth a +1.7333. What does that mean? That means effectively every remaining hitter you have can hit 1.7333 less homers than the average and you will still come out to the goal, 300. The opposite holds true for Howard and steals. He is projected to have 1 steal or a -0.849. That means that the rest of your roster needs to pick up almost an extra steal per person. At the end of the draft your goal would be to come as close to 0 in every category. Too positive in a category and you're overdoing it, too negative in a category and you're going to get hammered in it.

Weighted + %: The Weighted +% tries to bring all of the categories of the +% more closely aligned. So obviously a +1 in runs is not really worth the same as a +1 in home runs. They're are way more runs to go around than home runs, so the Weighted +% divides all categories by the goal #.

Now what are you waiting for. Get to the blowout.

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