Sometimes Defense Is Hard: WKU Gives Away An Easy Bucket

Monday, March 23, 2009

One trend I noticed over the first weekend of NCAA play is that sometimes in the big spot the opposing defense let's you get easy buckets. Sometimes Defense Is Hard breaks down some of those occasions.

The Scenario: Western Kentucky makes a bucket with 7+ seconds to go to tie the game.

Someone Pressure the Ball

This is only a mild mistake. One theory is that you want to get back and set up your half court D, the other is that by pressuring the ball on the inbound you can waste more time. They only have 7 seconds to shoot, every second wasted makes it harder to get off a good shot, so I'm obviously on board with pressure there.

No Seriously Someone Pressure the Ball

Western Kentucky opts to continue not to pressure the ball letting the Demetri Goodson get the ball to half court in a just over a second and a half. Again this isn't the end of the world if you set up your half court defense.

I Guess Now's the Time to Guard Him

And this is the beginning of the end. Orlando Mendez-Valdez begins to guard Goodson but he's immediately in a shitty position. Guarding a faster player who is going full speed while you are tucked in his side pocket. Mendez-Valdez is toast at this point.

Your Guard Is Burnt How About Some Help D

At this point it should be blatantly obvious to every Western Kentucky player that Mendez-Valdez is burnt to a crisp. So it's time for some help D and a collapse on Goodson. There's only 3.8 seconds left. Play some D.

Waving At the Ball Doesn't Qualify

Ahhhhhh, that's not help D. You just did a faint hand wave at the ball. What the hell is that going to D?

Ah Shit, Who's Guarding Him

Oh shit, 1 Gonzaga player with a boatload of space. Umm, where's the defense gonna come from now? Obviously the two guys in the paint are the only ones who have any chance at contesting the shot.

Should I Jump And Contest the Shot? Probably Not

And so one guy manages to get there but instead of contesting the shot and risking a foul he just let's him get away the easy look. Bucket. Game Over. Nice Seeing You in the 2nd Round. Have a safe trip back to Kentucky.

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