Fill Out Your Very Own 2009 CIT Bracket

Monday, March 16, 2009

It looked so much fun when I did it this morning that you all are clamoring to fill out your very own Tournament Bracket. Well now you can. I've included the bracket image below with nothing but the first round games filled out. And I've also included this handy map of where all the schools are located which will help you plot out your future match ups. Just remember none of the 2nd round matchups are set, so this bracket is pretty much just a guide line. The committee could potentially send Rider out to Portland if they really wanted to in the 2nd round. Nothing is finalized. Anyway, enjoy filling it out and playing with the map.

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Your welcome.

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Thanks a bunch for this also do you have any idea how the reseeding for the CBI works after the Quarterfinals?

I tried using last year's reseeding as a model and was confused as to how Houston & Tulsa which had the two best records of the Final Four in the '08 CBI faced each other in the Semi-Finals while Houston & Bradley who had the two worst records faced each other in the second Semi-Final Game.

I must say though trying to figure out what teams are going to play where in the CIT is real dumb i understand it's to save travel money but come on.

Anonymous said...
12:31 PM  

Not sure how the seeding works... I'm sure they have the seeds set before the brackets are out. I'm just guessing that the top team in each region is the "1" seed in that reason. For instance Stanford as a 1 seed. Not sure who would be the #1 overall though.

Simon said...
12:37 PM  

You need to fix your bracket a little. If you go to the CIT Tournament home page it shows the second round matchups. I think you would only have to switch around two teams. Anyway thanks for putting a bracket together. I think you may be the only one to have one for the CIT.

Anonymous said...
12:50 PM  

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