2009 CIT Quarterfinal Bracket Update

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My bracket is fantastico. 3 out of 4 final four squads. My champ and runner-up still intact. Solid. ODU, James Madison and Pacific all cruised to easy victories on the evening while Bradley just needed to hit a tiny little jump shot to move on. And by tiny little jump shot, I mean this:

Well that's a solid way to win a basketball game. All in all the CIT is an infinitely better tournament than the CBI. The CBI is strictly a business proposition their to suck college programs of money without morals. The only reason the Oregon State Beavers are in their tournament is because the coaches brother-in-law is the president. Plus they had shitty St. John's in the tournament with their losing record. Meanwhile the CIT is an honest tournament. It's a tournament for the little guys. It's teams with winning records from smaller conferences most of whom coming from 1-bid conferences. It's a good way for the little guy to get a few more games in and feel good about the season. Plus, filling out a bracket with endless possibilities is enjoyable. All in all, good job by CollegeInsider.com for starting up a fun little postseason tournament. It doesn't matter that little to nobody cares about it, it makes sense and it works.

H/T AA on the video

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