Get Yourself Some Ass Ugly St. Patrick's Day MLB Garbage

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner which means Sports industries are going to attempt to peddle some ass ugly merchandise at you that they dipped in green paint. Here's a look at some of the MLB's premium garbage.

New York Yankees Baby Cap
Start Your Baby's Life as a Douche Fan

Los Angeles Dodgers Boxers
Don't Let Your Junk Forget Your Irish (small) and a Dodgers Fan (fair weather)

Oakland A's Track Jacket
It's Just a Normal A's Jacket, But It's for St. Patty

Chicago Cubs Lady Visor
The Cloverleaf is Pink How Cute [VOMIT]

Cleveland Indians Cap
It Can't Make Up It's Mind If It's Irish or Normal

Philadelphia Phillies Pajamas
It's Boxers With Extra Fabric

Boston Red Sox Trash Bin
Toss Your Trash In the Bin and Then the Bin in the Trash

Cincinnati Reds Cap
It's Black, So It's Irish and Edgy

Seattle Mariners T-Shirt Jersey
Ichiro Just Screams Irish

New York Yankees Tie
Want To Look Like an Asshat Business Man? Buy This.

Chicago White Sox Warm Up Jacket
Even Ozzie Guillen Wouldn't Wear This

Detroit Tigers Flag
Shoot Me Now...
As I've State Before I'm Not a Big Fan of the Green Nonsense Despite Being a Redheaded Irishman.

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