2009 Fantasy Baseball Blowout

Thursday, March 26, 2009

You ready for a fantasy baseball blowout? I know you are. All posts today and possibly tomorrow will be related to fantasy baseball. So get ready for a ride. Posts start in a little bit and will consist of rankings, philosophies, favorites, etc. Fun stuff.

Fielder Rankings: Catcher, First Base, Second Base, Third Base, Shortstop, Outfield

Pitching Rankings: Starters, Relievers

Philosophies: Never Chase Wins, Search for the Comeback Kids

Mancrushes: Yovani Gallardo, Matt Cain

Fantasy Toss Ups: Speed vs. Power, Ellsbury vs. Victorino, Holliday vs. Hamilton, Lackey vs. Haren, Kershaw vs. Price, Lincecum vs. Johan, Upton vs. Maybin , Greinke vs. Gallardo


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