Numbers On Steroids: Bret Boone

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Numbers on Steroids is a look at baseball players during the 90s to see if anything screams out at you.

Mr. Boone was once the best power hitting second baseman in the league. How questionable was his success?

Averages Say: Why the extra plateu in his mid 30s?

At Bats Per Home Run Says: Lowest at Bats Per Home Runs at 37? Hmm....

Explaining It Away

Yeak, this one is tough. Umm, late bloomer? He showed potential power early in his career and he just liked playing in Seattle a lot more than everywhere else? And umm, his career was kind of like a running backs in that it just all of a sudden fell off the map? Any of these convincing you?

The Verdict

Guy never hits more than 24 home runs in a season and then in his age 32 season he hits 37? And in SafeCo a pitchers park to boot? And he follows that up with 24, 35, 24 homer years still at SafeCo? And then he completely falls off the map in 2005 never to be heard from again? We've got a Screamer...

Man Get Big Muscles In 30s. Hmm....

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