2009 CBI Quarterfinal Results

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

This bracket was a debacle. I doubt the Beavers and now after their easy victory by 1 point in overtime over the Catamounts of Vermont they get to host my pick for champion of the universe Stanford. The Cardinal dispatched the Shockers on the road by 14. UTEP dumped Northeastern with relative ease at home and for their troubles they get the deadly Richmond Spiders who knocked off Charleston by 2.

But forget my embarassing bracket for a second and let's just contemplate the audacity of this tournament in which you pay 60,000 dollars to host a game. Stanford went 18-13 in the regular season meanwhile Wichita St. went 16-16 in a worse conference, yet the Cardinal had to go to Wichita to play? Even after two wins in the tournament the Beavers are still just 15-17. That's right they were 13-17 and still got invited to play in a postseason tournament, that's what you get when your brother in-law can make fun of special needs kids on a latenight show. So they are 15-17 currently and the Cardinal are 20-13 currently, yet the Beavers are hosting the semifinal game.

Essentially this tournament is built to not be taken seriously. Thanks Gazelle Group.

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