2009 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: East Bracket

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ESPN is letting you fill out 10 brackets again so while we contemplate our actual bracket, we decided to yet again fill out a bracket based on theoretical 1 on 1 matchups. Unlike last years bracket, we decided to amp it up and go with historical players.

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1st Round

Billy Knight (Pittsburgh) over Skeeter Swift (E Tenn St.), Skeeter Swift wins the name battle but not the basketball battle.

Bernard King (Tennessee) over John Starks (Oklahoma St.), two former Knicks go at it, but Starks is just to little to handle King in the post.

Michael Finley (Wisconsin) over Dave Cowens (Florida St.), Finley too superior and athlete to Cowens to get held down.

David West (Xavier) over Freeman Williams (Portland St.), not sure who Freeman WIlliams is.

Lew Alcindor (UCLA) over Gerald Henderson (VCU), and the sky hook from start to finish.

Paul Arizin (Villanova) over Kermit Washington (American), unless Kermit decided to jack Arizin up like he did Rudy Tomjanovich he loses.

Kevin McHale (Minnesota) over Slater Martin (Texas), Slater was the defensive stopper on the Mikan championship squads but he wouldn't contain McHale's plethora of post moves.

Grant Hill (Duke) over Nobody (Binghamton), Grant gets injured but still manages to hold off nobody for the victory.

2nd Round

Bernard King (Tennessee) over Billy Knight (Pitt), Knight is a better player than he was a Hawks exec, but he isn't enough to come close to taking down King.

Michael Finley (Wisconsin) over David West (Xavier), the speed and the athleticism of Michael Finley, let him easily out maneuver West.

Lew Alcindor (UCLA) over Paul Arizin (Villanova), two hall of famers battle, but big Lew gets it done.

Kevin McHale (Minnesota) over Grant Hill (Duke), Hill sprains his ankle after the 2nd point and retires from the match.

Sweet 16

Bernard King (Tennessee) over Michael Finley (Wisconsin), King has too many different ways to score, while Michael Finley is for some reason convinced he is a good jump shooter.

Lew Alcindor (UCLA) over Kevin McHale (Minnesota), in the battle of the post beasts, Alcindor's height and length are too much for McHale to get past.

Elite 8

Lew Alcindor (UCLA) over Bernard King (Tennessee), it all comes down to King's ability to keep Alcindor out of the post. Would Alcindor be able to back down or dribble drive enough to get the ball into the lane and use his sky hook? I say yes, and hence Alcindor takes it down.

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