And Here Art Thou Miserably Boring Bracket Picks

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hey it's the real thing, my actual picks. I'm posting these mostly so you can mock how blatantly boring, horrible and uninspiring they are. Hey look I selected a 2 seed to make the Final Four. Oh wow, living on the edge. And look a 3 seed in the Elite 8, ahhh craziness. And look at all those upsets in the first round.

To really explain my picks I'll give bullet points cause we all love bullet points:

1) I'm biased towards the Big East, which is obvious.

2) I'm a glutton for Pitt punishment. They've burnt me countless times before so why not one more time for good measure. My theory is they are the Lonny Baxter Maryland squads. I kept on going with them and it eventually worked out for me, so why not Pitt?

3) Having watched Michigan play about 10 times, I know they aren't very good. I also know Illinois isn't very good either. Hence why they were the one 5 seed I had going down. Probably won't happen.

4) I really wanted to pick Michigan in the first round and then sacrifice them in the second but, why did they have to get Clemson in the first round?

5) I haven't watched a single Pac 10 game this year. Which probably explains me picking against basically every one.

6) I was desperately looking for a reason to knock pick UNC and the Lawson injury was an excuse to do so.

7) I hate midmajors and minors apparently.

8) I seriously contemplated Purdue over UConn but couldn't pull the trigger.

9) I seriously contemplated Clemson over Oklahoma but couldn't pull the trigger.

10) I haven't watched Memphis play at all, but I really really don't think UConn is a Final Four team anymore and really really really didn't want to go 4 #1s for the second straight year so I jumped out on a ledge and picked them.

11) And mainly, I have no balls.

If ever this bracket is a winner then we are probably in line for the most boring NCAA tournament of all time. Please Please feel free to rip all of my picks in the comments. An infant could have made better picks.

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I would love to make fun of you, but I cant. My bracket is just as boring. We picked about 90% of the same games.

I am not blaming myself though. It is how the year played out. Teams looked unstoppable at times and then laid eggs the next games.

You should do a bracket where you flip a coin to determine who advances. Heads higher seed, tails lower seed. Get on it.

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