2009 Fantasy Mancrush: Yovani Gallardo

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The fantasy mancrush tracks players that I am very high on and will target often in my drafts.

First up is man crush numero uno, Yovani Gallardo. The Mexican K wonder is back and ready to make up for his fantasy groin kick in 2008 when he blew out his ACL and dashed your hopes for a consistent ace.

Spring Stats

The Spring stats for Gallardo are a little eh. 18.2 innings thus far giving up 11 runs while striking out 16. Obviously spring stats can be read into a little too much but it would be nice if he would throw in a quality start or two over the final weeks to make you feel a bit more comfortable.


Bill James: 13-9, 3.99 era, 196 innings, 201 Ks, 1.30 WHIP
CHONE: 7-5, 3.50 era, 108 innings, 112 Ks, 1.25 WHIP
ESPN: 15 wins, 3.40 era, 193 innings, 187 Ks, 1.26 WHIP
Sportsline: 12-7, 3.36 era, 182 innings, 166 Ks, 1.34 WHIP

The projections are ranging. The things with the Chone projections is that it always seems to think people who were injured last year will be injured this year, I think that's a kink in the formula. James has the Ks elite and the ERA so so whereas Sportsline and ESPN have the ERA elite and the Ks of varying greatness. The win totals are always something to throw up in the air but personally I think the Brew Crew have a solid offense especially if Rickie Weeks can come anywhere near approaching the .304 he's currently hitting in spring (highly doubtful but one could hope, especially one that might target him as well).


ESPN: #86 Overall, #18 Starting Pitcher
Yahoo: #28 Starting Pitcher
Sportsline: #135 overall

As you can see there is a massively varying take on Yovani's value. At #86 I would contemplate drafting him but be a bit gun shy. At #135 I'd be jumping off my seat in joy.

Sum Up

I heart Yovani. The Ks will be elite and the ERA will hover around 3.50 which is solid as well. His health is not in question as his injury was via freak collision and to his knee not his arm, so don't be scared off by that. In the end your hope with Yovani, as well as all pitchers for that matter, will be his run support in his quest for wins. The kid has nasty stuff, now go draft him.

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