Anything Less Than a Championship Would Be Uncivilized

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just in case you missed it, the UConn Huskies finished off their undefeated regular season by punching fifth ranked Louisville in the baby-maker, 75-36. The Huskies in total won 36 games this season, and while that's impressive it's really the manner of their victories that needs to be noted.

1. The Huskies did not win any game by less than 10 points.

2. In 36 games the Huskies average margin of victory was 31.5 points.

3. In 5 Games against ranked teams UConn won by the same average of 31+ points.

4. UConn's average margin of victory on the road is even better, coming in at 32+ points.

5. Louisville lost 1 of their 30 games against teams not named UConn, they lost by 28 and 39 points respectively in their two matchups.

6. Oklahoma's Courtney Paris Guaranteed a National Championship but her squad lost to UConn by 28.

7. UConn Doubled Up Their Opponent 9 Times this year, including the Big East Title Game

8. UConn won 16 of their games by 30+ points.

9. UConn won 26 of the 36 by 20+ points.

10. In the Big East Title Game, Maya Moore scored her last point with 7:52 to go in the game, the score read Maya Moore 28, Louisville 27.

Honestly, if they don't win the championship it's going to be just as ridiculous as the Pats not winning the Super Bowl two years ago. They are head and shoulders better than every other team in the league, not winning a title is not an option.

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