Get Yourself Some Ass Ugly St. Patrick's Day NBA Garbage

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner which means Sports industries are going to attempt to peddle some ass ugly merchandise at you that they dipped in green paint. Here's a look at some of the NBA's premium garbage.

Los Angeles Lakers Sweatshirt
Want To Waste Your Money? Buy This...

Houston Rockets Ladies T
The R is for RAD

Sacramento Kings Polo
Cause It's Better Than Wearing Purple

NBA Logo Polo
Do You Want to Be an Irish NBA Employee? (maybe)

Chicago Bulls Cap
It's At Least Better Than The Bulls Green Jersey

Cleveland Cavaliers T-Shirt
What No Lebron Jersey-T With Celtic Weaving?

As I've State Before I'm Not a Big Fan of the Green Nonsense Despite Being a Redheaded Irishman. And god damn the NBA's apparel is awful, that's by far the shittiest collection of them all.

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