2009 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: Midwest Bracket

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ESPN is letting you fill out 10 brackets again so while we contemplate our actual bracket, we decided to yet again fill out a bracket based on theoretical 1 on 1 matchups. Unlike last years bracket, we decided to amp it up and go with historical players.

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1st Round

Wes Unseld (Louisville) over Nobody (TBD), Wes Unseld eats nobody.

John Havlicek (Ohio St.) over Nobody (Siena), back to back nobodies.

Gilbert Arenas (Arizona) over Keith Van Horn (Utah), how many broken ankles would Van Horn end up with.

Tim Duncan (Wake Forest) over Franklin Edwards(Cleveland St.), don't think Franklin would have a chance.

Jerry West (West Virginia) over Jim Paxson (Dayton), its not even John Paxson.

Wilt Chamberlain (Kansas) over Nobody (North Dakota St.), Wilt has sex with Nobody's mother and sister.

Bill Sharman (USC) over Dana Barros (BC), is Dana Barros seriously the best BC pro? Seriously?

Magic Johnson (Michigan St.) over Nobody (Robert Morris), snooze this bracket's first round was boring.

2nd Round

John Havlicek (Ohio St.) over Wes Unseld (Louisville), Unseld would be a tough out given how physical he was but in the end I'm giving the edge to Havlicek's scoring ability.

Tim Duncan (Wake Forest) over Gilbert Arenas(Utah), Arenas would have a chance given his speed advantage over Duncan, but how would he be able to stop The Big Fundamental when he got the ball on the low block? He wouldn't.

Wilt Chamberlain (Kansas) over Jerry West (West Virginia), Jerry West was great, but Wilt would dunk all night.

Magic Johnson (Michigan St.) over Bill Sharman (USC), Magic would overpower any player from the 50s.

Sweet 16

John Havlicek (Ohio St.) over Tim Duncan (Wake Forest), this probably will be a controversial decision but I think a player who can shoot and drive and has multiple ways to score the basketball in addition to having enough size to force Duncan into a few misses would be able to take him.

Magic Johnson (Michigan St.) over Wilt Chamberlain (Kansas), this is arguably the hardest decision in any bracket. In one corner we have a 7 footer who once scored 100 points in a game and changed the entire way basketball was played. In the other corner we have a 6 foot 9 point guard with handle and post moves and a little bit of everything. The reason I picked Magic is I think he has enough size to force a few stops on Wilt and his superior handle would allow he to get the ball into better positions to score than Wilt. Certainly a massive toss up, but going with the Magic Man.

Elite 8

Magic Johnson (Michigan St.) over John Havlicek (Ohio St.), Magic's size and post moves would be enough for him to get it done.

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