Lots of People Will Be Napping On Thanksgiving Afternoon

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

This psat Thanksgiving I woke up at around 8, 8:30, drove down to my buddies house and conducted beverage drinking games until around 1ish or so. Thus when I was done eating Turkey dinner I was plopped on the couch fully zonked out and possibly drooling on myself.

In 2009, the NFL wants to make sure you do the same exact thing, even if you don't have a case of beer in the AM. We all have just grown accustomed to the Lions shit show on Thanksgiving, they always suck and you really want the game to but it never is. But at the very least the NFL has the excuse of not breaking tradition for scheduling the Lions in the 12:30 game. The NFL however has absolutely positively no excuse for scheduling the Raiders to the play the Cowboys in the second game. You really really really want to make sure we watch shitty football on thanksgiving don't you NFL? The Raiders have been terrible for forever and there's zero sign of them breaking out this year.

Hooray for two miserable games on feast day. As of this moment I reserve my spot on the couch for Thanksgiving afternoon comatose.

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