NBA MVP Blind Resumes

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Here's a quick blind resume list of MVP candidates in the NBA this year. If you take a peak at the numbers you'll notice that Player B leads the way in every category but rebounds (granted turnovers is a bad thing). Think you can identify who is who? The answer is in the comments.

Player A: 28.0 PPG, 47.4 Pct, 5.5 Reb, 4.9 Ast, 2.7 TO, 1.3 Stl, 0.4 Blk
Player B: 29.4 PPG, 49.2 Pct, 5.1 Reb, 7.6 Ast, 3.5 TO, 2.2 Stl, 1.4 Blk
Player C: 28.1 PPG, 48.8 Pct, 7.4 Reb, 7.0 Ast, 3.1 TO, 1.7 Stl, 1.2 Blk

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Player A = Kobe Bryant
Player B = Dwayne Wade
Player C = Lebron James

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