Which League Has the Worst St. Patty's Day Crap?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

It's time to determine which league is the biggest disgrace in this whole St. Patty's Day Merchandise debacle. Each league has put up a strong case but only one can be the absolute worst. I wrote a little sum up for each league but if you need the hideous reminder of what all of their crap looks like clip on each of the links.

1. NBA - The NBA just might be the worst thanks to their complete lack of effort. The vast majority of the merchandise they are trying to pawn off looks exactly like the lakers sweatshirt, some plain green clothing item with a team's logo the size of a quarter. It's essentially a 10 dollar champion sweatshirt with a Lakers logo on it, selling for 50 dollars, but in Celtics colors. The NBA also seems to think you really really really want a polo shirt with their logo on it, but in green of course.

2. NFL - When I think Irish, my mind obviously thinks Bengal tiger. White and green Jaguars hats are also very Irish. The NFL hitched a lot of their wagon to beer mugs and pint glasses which at the very least is better than the NBA right?

3. NHL - The NHL decided to go completely in the opposite direction of the NBA and opt for "Irish" graphics everywhere. That meant pictures of an "Angry" Leprechaun wearing a stupid Flyers t-shirt on a t-shirt. Pretty dumb. The NHL and the NFL also have the same exact design for player Jersey T's so you might be walking down the street with an Ovechkin shirt and you could see someone in an Adrian Peterson shirt wearing the exact same thing. Yay.

4. MLB - The MLB might just take it home thanks to sheer volume. No league has more crappy St. Patty's day merchandise than baseball, and their league isn't even really in action on St. Patrick's day. You can get an Irish trash can, an Irish flag, a hideous tie, sweatshirts, t-shirts, 45,000 different hats, etc. All crap.

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