Baseball's a Fickle Game

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

One of the greatest (or worst depending on where you stand) part about baseball is that the best team doesn't always win. Sometimes a pitcher steps up to the occasion and carries and inferior team on his back. Sometimes to good team is just having a bad day. Sometimes lady luck graces her presence with a few well timed mistakes or seeing eye singles. There's a reason why the worst of the worst major league teams still win at least 1/4 of their games.

The fickleness of basebal was no more evident than last night when the Nederlands defeated the Dominican Republic for the second time in the span of four days. The Nederlands consists of ragabound minor leaguers and has beens like the Pontoon and the Sausage Attacker. The Dominican Republic shows up with an All Star Cast of 1st round fantasy draft picks like Jose Reyes and Hanley Ramirez. You look at the Nederlands roster and find me one player that even gets consideration for making the Dominican Roster. And yet last night it didn't matter.

It didn't matter that the DR has 23 major leaguers to the Nederlands 2. It didn't matter that Sydney Ponson has 90 of the 95 Nederlands career victories while the DR has 518. It didn't matter that the DR squad is making 80+ million dollars in MLB contracts where the Nederlands isn't even taking home 1/2 mill. None of it mattered. And that's why baseball is great, no sport gives the underdog a better chance of getting it done.

Perhaps the person who called me a moron for NOT picking the DR to win the WBC has a retort now

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