NCAA Coaches Love Yelling

Monday, March 30, 2009

One thing I noticed when I was browsing through the ole NCAA tournament pictures on after the first few rounds was that there was a ridiculous amount of pictures of coaches yelling. In fact you could find a picture of basically every single coach screaming at their players or the refs or their MILF wives. So I decided to take on a new challenge and try to make a little collage photo of all the NCAA coaches yelling. The image below is 65 NCAA Coaches all screaming at someone.

*Almost all of the pictures I used were actually from the NCAA tournament. A handful of pictures were from a respective conference tournament and a handful were from google images. The only coach I could not find any picture of was Danny Kaspar of Stephen F. Austin. I replaced him with George Blaney the UConn assistant that coached in the opening round.

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