2009 CBI Bracket Predictions

Monday, March 16, 2009

It's time for the 2nd edition of the College Basketball Invitational. I'm pumped are you pumped? Last year my picks were thwarted by the dreaded reseeding that is done in the semifinals, this year I'm gonna go rock solid. Stanford the favorite is gonna take it home. They'll get Houston in the Semifinals thanks to reseeding after the Beavers are defeated. On the other end of the bracket Charleston shall upset Richmond and then upset Nevada who previously cruised through their home games.

The bracket looks money doesn't it? My CBI Bracket shall be unchallenged and easily win its pool of 1.

Today is a day to practice brackets, so the CBI, CIT and NIT brackets will be filled out.

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Uh, no, its not solid, Wyoming has lost 3 games at home all season, and if they can hit their 3's like they usually do they will beat anyone.

Anonymous said...
1:53 PM  

you're right... how dare i pick against the cowboys...

Simon said...
1:58 PM  

in a true nail-biter, northeastern actually came out with the win 64-62. Good pick, Simon.

Rajan said...
11:24 PM  

well you are not rock solid already. UTEP beat nevada in a game that was closer than it should have been. UTEP had Nevada crushed and they let them back into the game but gutted out the W.

Anonymous said...
4:15 PM  

Interesting that your bracket shows you picked Nevada to win the Green Bay-Houston match-up in the second round. That would be an NCAA first......a team not even in a game winning it.

Anonymous said...
10:55 PM  

You SOOOO underestimated my OSU Beavers!!

What must you do to regain my confidence?

LaJean AKA Beaver Believer said...
12:38 AM  

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