New York Sports Talk Radio Just Got a Lot More Boring

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Over the past week or so I've heard an advertisement on ESPN 1050 about Colin Cowherd's debut on the network next week from 12-2. This confused me. Were they going to take an hour away from Max Kellerman's 10-1 show? Why would they do that when it's by far the most entertaining show they have? If they're going to do that I'd imagine it would completely piss off Kellerman who would admit he has a large opinion of himself. What the hell is happenning?

Today, ESPN 1050 read a statement at the start of the 10 o'clock hour which essentially read "Yesterday was the last day of the Max Kellerman show. ESPN 1050 and Max have agreed to part ways." I should have known that it was a major red flag, I should have known that it wasn't just the reduction of an hour but the elimination of an entire show. God that sucks.

Kellerman has been on air since the latter half of 2006 when 1050 booted Colin Cowherd off NYC synidcation and replaced him with Kellerman. Since then the Max Kellerman Show has been far and away my favorite NYC Sports Talk Show. Far and away. First of all it was smarter than most shows. He actually brought up meaningingful stats and attempted to incorporate some of the newer sabermetric tools into his show. Next he was different. He wasn't just sports sports sports, he actually mixed in some entertainment as well and some games that were sometimes stupid but always fun to listen to aka the Killer Animal Tournament. Finally he was a blatant New York homer, going as far as nicknaming the Cleveland Cavs the New York Cavaliers of Cleveland. The show was just entertaining, flat out entertaining and I rarely missed it. What's most bothering to me is that yesterday, his last show, the ESPN 1050 Web Feed 'didn't work', and by didn't work I mean it wasn't working just from 10-1. Thanks ESPN!

I guess the saying goes, all good things must come to an end. This end was just a little abrupt and premature for my liking.

ESPN 1050 Replaced the Max Kellerman Show 10-1, with Brandon Tierney (the former night guy / former co-host with Stephen A) who is not bad but can get a little dull from 10-12, and Colin Cowherd from 12-2. Not quite sure what that means for Tirico & van Pelt who were only being broadcast from 1-2 on 1050 with Michael Kay coming on at 2.

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I listened to Max pretty much everyday on the web feed. It sucks that he won't be on anymore...what are smart sports fans suppose to listen to now? A bunch of guys telling me how horrible Mannie is for "giving up on a team" or how "Brett Favre is a gunslinger"...1050 made a huge mistake, Cowherd is the worst and he doesn't provide a NY point of view. Brandon's voice is just annoying to listen to for more than 30 minutes. I hope Max pops up somewhere else soon.

$ebastian28 said...
11:51 AM  

Max was by far the only radio personality worth listening to on ESPN radio. I hope he ends up on the fan,in a time slot right before the fat man. That would absolutely kill ESPN. As a hole I am tired of the ESPN brand. They are on par with the NY Post. I really hope that someone will challenge them. Say like the creation of FOX news. Granted I don't watch that propaganda but their existence has made CNN and MSNBC way better.

Anonymous said...
12:40 PM  

Die-hard Sox fan sad to see Max go. He's the best host they had, probably the best I've heard. Major bummer.

Anonymous said...
1:21 PM  

ESPN sucks so hard. I hate Mike and Mike and Colin Coward is disgrace to radio. All their radio shows are so dull and boring. Max was the best.

BillyBobisDrunk said...
4:13 PM  

Max Kellerman is way better than Beningo and Roberts. Evan Roberts talks too much. I don't see Cowherd doing well in NY. I find it impossible to listen to Tirico and Van Pelt. I can tolerate Kay for a few minutes, but not much else. BT isn't so bad, but probably needs a partner. Mike and Mike is the worst. And ESPN radio spends SO MUCH time on commercials. There commercial breaks seem to be 10-15 minutes long. Pairing Max with Fatcesa would be interesting, though they both have HUGE egos......

Anonymous said...
6:48 PM  

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