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Friday, March 13, 2009

If you've watched ESPN anytime over the past few weeks you probably noticed their commercials about the NEW You know the ones that bounce from Bill Simmons to Notre Dame to Mike Golic to Biba Golic and they say things like Well that link does in fact work, bringing you to Bill Parcells. Considering they are just in the infancy of the /somethings, I have a few suggestions that ESPN most certainly can add to their list.

ESPN Personalities

Type in Boomer's signature phrase and you're at his bio.

Like Stuart Scott would guy by anything other than his signature stare.

Bill Simmons gets a link that sums up his writing style.

Screamin A needs a loud link.

For all of Skip's popularity I'm not sure if this would work but he gets

John Clayton gets a link which explains why he really loves football.

Rick Reilly needs a link to his blog page of things too short for a column.

Pedro Gomez gets a link summing up his current location.

ESPN Shows

Cold Pizza First Take gets a link, not sure why.

Around the Horn gets the

The Mt. Rushmore of Sports Was a classic segment so it gets

Because Mayne Street is Most Certainly the best internet show ever it gets


Nobody Loves it More Than Mike Piazza so is his.

Man of mystery Marko Jaric gets a link that sums up what people think about him.

In honor of going from 33 to 34 Vlad gets

Bernard Pollard gets the important tagline

Brett Favre gets what everyone wants him to do.

Ray Lewis gets the tag the court couldn't pin on him.

The Sporting World's Lord and Savior, Tim Tebow, gets an apporpriate link.


Need Bill Belicheat info? Obviously the link is

Eric Mangini obviously gets his signature nickname.

Mark Mangino requested his link to be what he had for lunch.
They told him it wouldn't all fit.

The Rest

Mr. Al Davis probably can't use the interwebs but he has this

All the excitement of a cricket match gets you this link

Random Profane Car Ad, ESPN Likes to Link On Mel Kiper's Page

Feel free to throw any extras in the comments.

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