Duke Tears Are the Most Delicious Tears

Friday, March 27, 2009

How many times did you orgasm last night watching the Duke game? 2? Maybe 3? That game couldn't have possibly been more enjoyable. The best part about last night was it took maybe 5 minutes of watching the game to know that Villanova had a thorough advantage in physicality and athleticism and that it was just a matter of time before they pulled away. My favorite portion of the entire night was when Duke couldn't even get a shot off for like three straight possessions. Mostly because Duke doesn't actually play defense. They play the charging game. "Oh look someones driving to the paint, let me step in front of him and try to take a charge. The refs will give me the call cause we're Duke and Paulus sucks them off before the game."

Watching Duke get dominated completely made up for my bracket going boom last night thanks to the turnover machine that was Memphis. Let's carry the joy over to today by enjoying some pictures of Duke losers.

That makes me smile.

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Is that Paulus consolation humping a teammate in the background?

cgb said...
2:39 PM  

Who is Greg Paulus trying to make love to in the back there?

Rob said...
1:12 PM  

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