World's First Tournament (CIT) Bracket (Probably)

Monday, March 16, 2009

In the quest to fill out as many brackets as possible this week I've stumbled across the Tournament (CIT), now the 4th avalaible postseason tourney. This is the tourney for the powerhouses like Evansville and Drake. Of course I wanted to fill out a bracket but I just couldn't find one. I was little confused until finally I found this disclaimer

In much the same fashion as the old NIT, future opponent will be determined at the conclusion of each round throughout the tournament.

So what you're telling me is not only do I have to pick the winner of the 1st round games, I also have to attempt to read the minds of the CIT committee and try to figure out who is going to play who and where they are going to play each other? Now this is a difficult bracket to fill out.

The first step was to figure out the locations of all the schools, because they obviously want to cut down on travel costs. After that was done I kind of naturally bracketed them with another game so that all 4 teams were relatively in the same region. After that I just went through the tournament like a normal bracket. It's an elementary approach but how else can you try to sift through the chaos that is this non-bracket based tournament.

After breaking it down to the end I have Old Dominion knocking off Pacific, with that being said they'll probably both lose in the first round.

Today is a day to practice brackets, so the CBI, CIT and NIT brackets will be filled out.

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Do you know where you actually found a bracket for CIT? I've been searching all over Google with no luck.

Anonymous said...
11:11 AM  

There really isn't a bracket. They don't pick who plays in the 2nd round until after the 1st round is over. I'll be posting later this afternoon a blank ballot that you can fill out if you can wait til about 12:30 to get it.

Simon said...
11:49 AM  

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