Fantasy Philosophy: Never Chase Wins

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Rule #1 while picking pitchers is control the controllables. In other words key on the projections which the pitcher has the most control over and then take the others into consideration. The most controlled pitcher stat? Strikeouts. Strikeout pitchers don't emerge from thin air. Mr. Wang in the Bronx is never going to strike out 200 hitters. Meanwhile Matt Cain who you probably can get at the same point just might.

The next two stats that are the controllable for pitchers are his splits, ERA and WHIP. A better pitcher is going to get outs and is going to give up less baserunners. It doesn't matter if he's on the Mets or the Marlins. Ricky Nolasco is simply going to have a better ERA and WHIP than Ollie P.

Wins are simply the tie breaker really. If a pitcher is on a better team than and the stats are nearly the same the pull the trigger on the Dodger instead of the Padre. Just don't let wins carry equal weight as the other stats.

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