2009 NCAA Tournament Week 1 Roundup

Monday, March 23, 2009

~Adios Cinderella, all of the little boys and gals have been put to bed. And if anyone claims Arizona is a Cinderella they should be slapped in the mouth.

~How Chalklity is the bracket? A couple of upsets in day 2. A 12 seed in the sweet 16. But really when someone tells you they have the entire sweet 16 it's not surprising. It's just umm, so you went with Arizona, good for you.

~Of the #1 seeds Pitt, Louisville and UNC were challenged while UConn dominated. Of all the 1 seeds I still think that UConn is most likely to go down in the next round. Followed by Pitt. I feel as if Purdue is one of those teams that can get lights out from beyond the arc and beat anybody, will they do it against UConn? Probably not, but its possible. In all likelihood the Chalklity bracket will let the 4 1 seeds move on.

~The Wolverines fought well against Oklahoma but were completely done in by foul trouble to both Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims. The fact that they were able to stay in the game for so damn long without their two best player doing much of anything and Harris sitting on the bench forever in the first half makes me think that Oklahoma isn't very long for this tournament. Sure Blake Griffin is a beast and had 33-17 (fell short of the 30-20 I predicted), but the rest of the team is suspect. Their jump shooting is particularly fantastic and they'll find it difficult covering all of Cuse's jump shooters. Additionally, Cuse has several big bodies to throw at Griffin in succession. Essentially I think the Sooners go down in the next game and Cuse moves on. As for Michigan I hope Sims and Harris decide to stick around for next year and that some of their in coming recruits don't suck.

~Of the other 2 seeds, Duke snuck by in helping hand to an absolute lame call at the end of the game. Two kids going for the ball that Scheyer tossed to the other end of the court, the kid from Texas extends his arm and the jackass from Duke pulls a Brazilian soccer player and gets the foul call. I hate Duke. Michigan St. held off the Trojans at the end after the game was tight throughout while Memphis embarrassed Maryland.

~Speaking of the ACC, they obviously can't be very pleased by their 5-5 showing. Especially when Duke gets bumped by Nova in the next round. Of all the losses the Wake Forest complete no show was the worst of all the bunch.

~The Big East Dominates. 5 Sweet 16 teams is a record and proves the strength of their league this year.

~The poor jackass from Marquette that stepped over the endline must feel great about himself today.

~Speaking of Marquette, I'm glad Dominic James was able to get on the court in his final collegiate game. Too bad it ended in a loss.

~Wisconsin is the universe's most boring team. Thank god they switched coverage off of that Xavier 'Sconsin slop fest in my local market.

~My bracket is mediocre and shall not be winning anything.

~I feel as if this tournament has been just ok so far. There have been a couple solid finishes but nothing incredibly memorable. The Cinderella getting its shit pounded in doesn't really help. What I do think it leads to is the potential for great games this coming weekends.

~In the end of the Sweet 16 I think we get all four 1 seeds, two 2 seeds and two 3 seeds. I think Oklahoma gets bounced and then one of the other twos. The order of likelihood of defeat is Duke then Michigan St. then Memphis. And I still feel like my final four of Pitt, Louisville, UNC and Memphis is gonna pan out.

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