My Jets Wishlist: Jay Cutler

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

We've all heard the rumormill by now, Jay Cutler and Josh McDaniels are not friends. Jay has put his house on sale, desires out of snowy Denver, and has requested a trade. Many ESPNites come on the air and say that things are irreconcilable and that he is going to get traded and naturally teams without a quarterback of mention, aka the Jets, come up in discussion.

Cutler is a proven quarterback in the NFL and the Jets seemingly have limited faith in the future of Kellen Clemens so obviously I'm interested in potentially getting a pro bowl quality QB (Even If I did Bash the pick on draft day. Whoops). The Jets have two major needs right now, Quarterback and Wideout. Getting Cutler would go a long way in giving this team the potential to regain a spot in the postseason.

The question is of course, at what cost? If it costs Leon Washington as I heard in one rumor than sure. I mean I love Leon but he's not going to pass the ball. If it costs a first round pick than absolutely. Would you rather have Mark Sanchez or Jay Cutler? Rather have Jeremy Maclin or Jay Cutler? The answer is obvious, you want the quarterback. But what if they ask for two first round picks? Or a first round pick and Leon Washington? At what point is the price tag just too much? If the only thing they do for the rest of the offseason is bring in Cutler than they would still have a major gap at wideout and the question would quickly transfer to, it's nice that you brought in a Quarterback but who the hell is he going to throw the ball to? I want him, but I don't want to give up the farm.

With all this being said, I still believe that cooler heads will prevail in Denver and that somehow someway Cutler and McDaniels kiss and make up. The Broncos trading their franchise quarterback makes absolutely no sense, especially when the price tag is currently depreciated.

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