How To Instantly Go From Hero to Villain by Seth Curry

Monday, March 30, 2009

It feels like a moment in a WWE match. You know the moment. Two heroes come into the ring to take out the villains. Everything is going well until all of a sudden one hero finds a folding chair and pulls it into the ring and all of a sudden when his partner's back is turned he smashes him to the ground. The hero has turned, he is now hated by all.

Today Seth Curry makes the leap to enemy. Instead of picking a nondescript ACC School or landing at VaTech to follow in his footsteps, he chooses Duke. We should have seen it coming. Soft Jump Shooters love Duke. He's the perfect Duke villain. Silky Smooth jump shot. Limited ability to play defense. Skinny as a pencil. He's the perfect successor for the Scheyer's of the world.

We shouldn't have been blindsided. It was an obvious decision. But we had hopes for a family that's added so much fun to college basketaball the past two years. The hopes are smashed, the Curry name will never be the same. Seth just dropped a massive chair smash to it.

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