NCAA Tourney Day 1 Sum Up

Friday, March 20, 2009

~One thing that I've realized today is that I filled out way way way too many brackets. I'm in one pool for money and all of last night I thought I had picked Michigan in the pool as a homer pick and I thought I was on my way to a day of 16 of 16. Alas, I look this morning and well I was 15 of 16, with one miss. Michigan. Oh well, I guess that's the price to pay for this weeks boredom and constant bracket filling out.

~Also, I thought I just ported my pool picks to the "Picks on the site" but um, not completely.

~If you listened to me (aka Grutt) and picked against Michigan because I said they aren't good (they really aren't), well then I'm sorry. At least you know I got it wrong too.

~Speaking of Michigan, was it their goal to try to give their fans a heart attack? I mean they had the game in the bag until they decided to not score for essentially the last 5 minutes while allowing Clemson to bury 3 consecutive threes. Now they get Oklahoma which probably won't be a good thing. I feel safe in predicting 30-20 from Blake Griffin.

~Illinois sucks, I hope you didn't pick them.

~UConn and UNC were out of their opponents league. Really wasn't very fair, that's the benefit of being the 1 seed. You get a theoretical practice game to tune up for the 2nd round.

~I fell asleep during the late games. Tis lame, I know.

~Therefore I missed the end of the VCU UCLA game and VCU's epic come back that just fell short.

~I hate Duke. Hopefully Texas can beat them.

~Perhaps picking Memphis to go to the final four was not a very good thing. Off last years misery you would think that free throws would be a key thing to focus on during practice. Yet they go 11 for 28 from the line in the opening round. 11 for 28? God that's atrocious. They needed a kid who never plays to come into the game and bail them out with boatloads of three pointers. Perhaps they just play to the level of the opponent and will come out and thump the Terps tomorrow.

~American's theme song has to be "America, Fuck Yeah", right?

~The coin flip bracket went 11-5 yesterday. For your sake, I hope that's not better than you.

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