So You're Telling Me I Have To WIN the Opportunity To Buy a Ticket

Friday, March 13, 2009

As you've noticed I am not very pleased with how the Yankees are going about their process of selling tickets this season, well it just got worse. MLB teams have recently started the process of a lottery for premium tickets. The Mets had one for Opening Day tickets. As noted here the Red Sox have one for Monster Seats, Budweisers Seats and other premium games. It's common place and you really can't complain about it. The Yankees however have taken this approach about a mile sprint further, by having a lottery for the opportunity to purchase tickets. Not premium tickets, just tickets.

So say I want to go buy games against the Royals in mid June, well unless I win the lottery than I'll have to wait until they finally decide to sell the tickets to the general public. And who the hell knows when that will be cause if you notice below they still are only mentioning this whole lottery process and not when tickets truly go on sale. Go here to sign up for the lottery and because I've informed you, if you win I expect you to take me.

God this is annoying.

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