2009 NCAA 1 on 1 Bracket: West Bracket

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

ESPN is letting you fill out 10 brackets again so while we contemplate our actual bracket, we decided to yet again fill out a bracket based on theoretical 1 on 1 matchups. Unlike last years bracket, we decided to amp it up and go with historical players.

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1st Round

Ray Allen (Uconn) over Gerald Wilkins (UT Chattanooga), Jesus Shuttleworth has too smooth a jumper.

Danny Ainge (BYU) over Antoine Wright (Texas A&M), Antoine's got better athleticism but Danny is cagey and would bite off his ankles.

Glenn Robinson (Purdon't) over Nobody (Northern Iowa), the big dog barely sneaks past nobody.

Brandon Roy (Washington) over Bailey Howell (Miss St.), not quite sure who Bailey Howell is.

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Nate Williams (Utah St.), must he spell his name Dwyane? Can we get that edited?

Anthony Peeler (Missouri) over Ed Peterson (Cornell), no idea who Ed Peterson is.

Jason Kidd (California) over Steve Francis (Maryland), Kidd would back down the franchise in the post and bury layup after layup on him.

Anfernee Hardaway (Memphis) over Paul McCracken (CS Northridge), Phil McCracken would have taken down Penny. His brother Paul, not so much.

2nd Round

Ray Allen (UConn) over Danny Ainge (BYU), Danny knows Ray Ray is better than him, that's why he brought him to the Cs instead of coming out of retirement.

Brandon Roy (Washington) over Glenn Robinson (Purdon't), Roy would run circles around the Big Dog.

Dwayne Wade (Marquette) over Anthony Peeler (Missouri), this matchup isn't up for serious discussion.

Jason Kidd (Cal) over Penny (Memphis), Penny before the countless injuries gives Kidd a run for his money but Kidd plays tough enough D to fluster Hardaway. Lil Penny is not pleased.

Sweet 16

Ray Allen (UConn) over Brandon Roy (Washington), smooth strokin Jesus in his prime was better than what Roy has shown us thus far.

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Jason Kidd (Cal), Wade is just bigger stronger and more athletic than Kidd.

Elite 8

Dwyane Wade (Marquette) over Ray Allen (UConn), Ray Ray is solid but he wouldn't be able to stop Wade from getting to the rack.

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