Sometimes Defense is Hard: Pitt Let One Slip Away

Monday, March 30, 2009

One trend I noticed over the first weekend of NCAA play is that sometimes in the big spot the opposing defense let's you get easy buckets. Sometimes Defense Is Hard breaks down some of those occasions.

The Scenario: Pitt tied up after a Levance Fields free throw goes into a press to try to force overtime.

Tie Game Here Comes the Press

The benefits of the press are forcing the squad to burn some clock getting the ball up the court. The negatives are if they break the press an easy basket awaits. So which route does it go.

And the Beginning of the End Starts Now

Sam Young let's the ball get inbounded in front of him. Now here's where the obvious issues start. Look at where the two players responsible for Scotty Reynold's are. They are way behind him.

3 on 2 Fast Break

Sam Young finds himself out of position and blown by as well. Now we have a 3 on 2 fast break with great spacing. Reynolds like any good guard is going to take the ball to the middle on the break to make floor spacing completely optimal. Blair either needs to step up and pressure Reynolds and force the ball out of his hands or back off into the paint and set up a 2 man front a couple feet from the hoop to force Reynolds into a jump shot decision.

And the Hand Wavery Comes

Instead of stepping in front or backing off Blair just waves his hand at Reynolds and let's him blow by. Now Gilbert Brown is on an island. Essentiall a 3 on 1 fast break, but time is slightly on his side. He needs to force the ball out of Reynolds hands.

Contest the Damn Shot

There's a second left, contest the damn shot. Gilbert puts his hands up and essentially prays that Reynolds misses a 4 foot floater. And then....

Nighty Night Pitt

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